Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Nun

After watching the fall 2010 shows one image get stuck in my head.
The holy nun.
What about this character.
A while ago I read a book entitled "
La Religieuse" written by Diderot.It marked my and it become one of my favorites.

You try denying it Stefano and I don't argue you,but I see the nun in your collection.
It is true that Suzanne the heroine of the is not really fond of becoming a servant to God.In contrast the woman imagined by Pilati is satisfied with her situation,that of a rich snob that can afford to wear YSL.
Many would what to be in her position.
I my self would rather be the warrior nun of Rick Owens.I could use some discipline in my attitude and self being.
He used a pagan nun,a wild and fearless one.


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