Monday, March 1, 2010

Marni,for eveR received with love

I made a scrap page out of the looks from the a-w 2010 collection presented by Marni not so many days ago.It is my first one and I kind of enjoyed it.
You'll see more soon.
Anyway,coming back to the subject I wanted you to tell about.I am dazed about the choice of colors.The t-shirt prints are to kill for,but I don;t know what to say about the choice for those Bermudas,they are fine but not glorious how my image was about Marni.
Do you like the new type of skirtbelt/skirbe/to think at name they are proposing?It was given the perfect proportions of matching the belt with the skirt.
Consuelo Castiglioni is a babe about whom you cannot be wrong when you say that she has a clear image about the styling that she's proposing.Hot for all,but for the ones that deserve it.


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