Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Breath in,breath out

Today is a stupid day.Outside it is raining and inside it's cloudy,which to choose?
And above all:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

This days I am trying to decide what camera to buy,because the one I received for my birthday a few years ago is broken and it costs more to repair it that to buy a new one.So many extraordinary things are happening around us and we have to try to capture even a glimpse of all that life is offering.

Try,Try and you may succeede

There are some human characters that you just cannot imitate .Frida Kahlo is even more than that.She was a sublime being that made us part of her world,by sharing her thoughts and dreams;her suffering and curse.
I think that trying to put her in a magazine is an act of courage.You don't know if you would pull of a nice one or you will make yourself to look foolish.
In Vogue Germany was published an set of images in order to recreate the image of Frida.
It is not the known dark headed,natural beauty of Frida,unaltered by consumerism.
You see here the blond mustache free German prototype,tall and with a fierce look,an ex-super-mega-model:Claudia Schiffer.
The result is of a fierce,dark sighting doll,that it is anchored in the present but also tied with the past.
She always looks to the right side.Like she is trying to relive recreate a bound with a moment in her life.
The atmosphere is that of a peaceful torment.
It is not Frida Kahlo.
It is a proof that she is present everywhere.
Claudia Schiffer demonstrated that being Lagerfeld's muse is not a job for everyone.
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Sometimes,when you enter a subway car after a pretty boy, you stumble upon piss.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Nun

After watching the fall 2010 shows one image get stuck in my head.
The holy nun.
What about this character.
A while ago I read a book entitled "
La Religieuse" written by Diderot.It marked my and it become one of my favorites.

You try denying it Stefano and I don't argue you,but I see the nun in your collection.
It is true that Suzanne the heroine of the is not really fond of becoming a servant to God.In contrast the woman imagined by Pilati is satisfied with her situation,that of a rich snob that can afford to wear YSL.
Many would what to be in her position.
I my self would rather be the warrior nun of Rick Owens.I could use some discipline in my attitude and self being.
He used a pagan nun,a wild and fearless one.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

'A Magazine'

Did you hear about 'A Magazine'?If not you should check it out.
Every issue another master mind of fashion design curates it.
This images are from the number directed by Martin Margiela.I kind of find it amazing that
The Unknown shared with us a particle from his black hole mind.
This white socks blouse has appears in my mind as a to do/to wear project.If you dare,try it.I only wanted to share with you a part of the to be forever discovered world of Margiela.Enjoy!

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(I don't have many information about the current issues)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Marni,for eveR received with love

I made a scrap page out of the looks from the a-w 2010 collection presented by Marni not so many days ago.It is my first one and I kind of enjoyed it.
You'll see more soon.
Anyway,coming back to the subject I wanted you to tell about.I am dazed about the choice of colors.The t-shirt prints are to kill for,but I don;t know what to say about the choice for those Bermudas,they are fine but not glorious how my image was about Marni.
Do you like the new type of skirtbelt/skirbe/to think at name they are proposing?It was given the perfect proportions of matching the belt with the skirt.
Consuelo Castiglioni is a babe about whom you cannot be wrong when you say that she has a clear image about the styling that she's proposing.Hot for all,but for the ones that deserve it.