Saturday, March 27, 2010

Try,Try and you may succeede

There are some human characters that you just cannot imitate .Frida Kahlo is even more than that.She was a sublime being that made us part of her world,by sharing her thoughts and dreams;her suffering and curse.
I think that trying to put her in a magazine is an act of courage.You don't know if you would pull of a nice one or you will make yourself to look foolish.
In Vogue Germany was published an set of images in order to recreate the image of Frida.
It is not the known dark headed,natural beauty of Frida,unaltered by consumerism.
You see here the blond mustache free German prototype,tall and with a fierce look,an ex-super-mega-model:Claudia Schiffer.
The result is of a fierce,dark sighting doll,that it is anchored in the present but also tied with the past.
She always looks to the right side.Like she is trying to relive recreate a bound with a moment in her life.
The atmosphere is that of a peaceful torment.
It is not Frida Kahlo.
It is a proof that she is present everywhere.
Claudia Schiffer demonstrated that being Lagerfeld's muse is not a job for everyone.
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