Sunday, October 18, 2009

MaisonMartinMargiela what's next?!

I was appreciating in another post the weak expression that stained me after the MMM runway show.I was not alone,because other people had the same experience.There was something in the air.
It is so that only today,after a long period of time since the annunciation of the new open list for the new successors in row at the tron of the Maison,I am stricken to learn that this thing it is really happening.
It is not a rumor as it was supposed at first.It is real.Do we need a change?Martin Margiela was the excellent leader of such a creative team.Was the time for him to be replaced?I doubtfully think so!But who knows?Maybe in front of us are better days to come.There is proof that the young ones can master very well the awakening. I am still in mourning and I cannot decide.Wait and see what happens.

"Considering that creativity is the lifeblood of fashion and every other Paris fashion house is tapping in to new talent, why would Maison Martin Margiela not try the same?Unless they believe, as many others might, that Mr. Margiela is irreplaceable(?)." Suzy Menkes


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