Sunday, October 4, 2009

After the fight we play HideAndSeek with JeanPaul

These season JeanPaulGaultier played with us a little game entitled hide and seek.See the pointy bra?Hide the pointy bra!!
Also as a nouveauté he started moving the pointy pyramids from their usual place.He succeeded making them not to look awkward but if I may say really fascinating.They are situated on the shoulders or on the hips,you can also see them in the shape of the dresses.
By taking use of the element that made madonna famous,once again the Master composed an unique collection.
He is faithful to he's origins and included in the collection the well known navy print,but this time it is shredded in an eclectic way.
The entire collection can be known as :Doggy-Dog-meets-business-matrone-and-they-go-out-sailing-on-a-cruise-yacht-ending-on-land-surrounded-by-African-native-warriors-bearing-the-womb-of-glory .


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