Monday, September 21, 2009

I am

I am a virgin

The Fashion God has not still possessed me.I feel him anywhere.He passes through me ,by me,without truly penetrating my being.My place of birth was well known for it devotion to the Supreme.But for a long time now,He was not worship in my country.Evil was above Him.
Now He wants to be replace in his rights.The God of Fashion wants to steal the virginity of all those who sacrifice themselves to Him.
I want Him in me.I want Him to be in everybody more or less,but His presence is mandatory.
Glorified be the God of Fashion!!!

March 10 2010
I now read what I first wrote here and I laugh!I laugh of my silliness!I will not delete it,it's an example of a piece of shit of digital paper that got wasted and that would not be thrown away only because is my first attempt to write something that it was not meant for me and only me.


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